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Clarice’s Biography

Clarice was born and raised in the heart of San Francisco, California. Growing up in South of Market, she witnessed many people spray painting buildings. Instead of being worried about people breaking the law, this sparked what she calls, her “creative juices”. As years passed, she got into tagging and fun fact, had a whole Hello Kitty binder of different fonts that she wanted to one day create.

If there’s one thing to know about Clarice is that she hates taking breaks, people even actually refer to her as a human form of the energizer bunny -- she just keeps going and going. To keep her mind off her trials and tribulations that were occurring, she worked extra hours, attended school full time while maintaining a high GPA, and found a new love - painting.

Though she did not have time to take classes, luckily, in this day in age, one can learn to do anything from YouTube. That is exactly what Clarice did. Insomnia was her best friend, so she spent hours watching countless tutorials. Within months, she was creating things she never thought she was capable of. With people offering to buy her paintings for 3 years, she declined them all. Until one day, she realized she created so much masterpieces that her mom’s 4 bedroom house and her apartment ran out of room for her work.

Clarice has finally built so much confidence in her work and has gone viral on different platforms of social media for her paintings. Fun fact, she hates pants (as seen in the photo) and lives by her saying,”No pants are the best pants” especially while painting for 15 hours straight. So, if you catch her and her creative juices, pantless, do not be alarmed. That’s her style. That’s her. This is her world and now she’s ready to show off her creative juices, finally.